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Priscila Bieni

Priscila Bieni
Basic Member
Priscila Bieni
Born in Montreal and raised around the globe, Priscila Bieni is a Christian singer, songwriter, and producer. She speaks and sings in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In January 2020 Priscila was part of the group of selected artists at SOCAN Foundation's Incubator for Creative Entrepreneurship program. In June of the following year, Priscila won the Alberta Francophone program Polyfonik and is currently representing Alberta in the western Canada Francophone program Chant'Ouest.

With a message of love, peace, and hope, Priscila Bieni mixes the gospel and contemporary Christian genres with R&B and afro rhythms and hopes to travel with her music to share her personal relationship with Jesus.
Singer, Studio musician
  • Vocalist
Beat maker, Songwriter
English, French, Other