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Monica Lee

Monica Lee
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Monica Lee
British Columbia
My name is Monica Lee. I am a Canadian cisgendered queer woman and a sixteenth-generation settler on Coast Salish territories. I discovered 3.5 years ago that I have likely always been living with considerable hearing impairment. I wear hearing aids. I am a mother to two children ages 13 and 11yrs.

All my work as an artist and educator is centred in decolonization and historical honouring of musical traditions around the world. As a singer and writer, authenticity is at the core of all my offerings.

I am the owner, curriculum developer, instructor and video producer for Jump Into Music, a musicology for families early childhood music program in Vancouver BC. I teach 100 families a week world music in community centres and local parks. Jump Into Music has active social sites including a YouTube Channel and Facebook following.

I am in the midst of making my 4th full length album 'For My Love' that is a pivot genre to children' music. My last record titled 'Farewell' was released in July of 2020 with two supporting videos and is representative of my previous body of work as a Singer Songwriter drawing on Roots, Jazz and Country traditions.

I have been a part of the local music community here in Vancouver since 1998 and held a house gig at The Libra Room on Commercial drive for 15years. I have toured Western Canada, played the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Sasquatch Festival and more.
Marketing, Music curator, Project manager
Artist, Production manager, Singer, Touring musician
Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Touring musician
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Ukelele
  • Viola
Lyricist, Songwriter
Music video director, Music video editor, Photographer, Content creator
Blues, Country, Folk, Jazz, Soul
Consultant, Teacher | Instructor
Monica Lee, 1998-2022, Musician
Monica Lee, 1998-2005, Chef in Film Industry
Monica Lee, 2006-2022, Private Music Instructor
Monica Lee, 2006 - 2022, Composer for Film and Television
Monica Lee, 2015-2022, Owner, Curriculum Developer, Instructor Jump Into Music
Monica Lee, 1998 - 2022, Event Host
English, French