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Justine Murdy

Justine Murdy
Basic Member
Justine Murdy
British Columbia
Scrap Arts Music
As a co-founder alongside Gregory Kozak, I'm proud to be part of Scrap Arts Music, an inventive and dynamic quintet specializing in unique, invented instrument performances. Our journey began in Vancouver, where we were based from 1998 until 2014, before moving our operations to Victoria. This year, 2023, marks the 25th anniversary of our company's inception. We toured to 17 different countries and performed during the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics. We're excited about our latest project, "Children of Metropolis." Thanks to a FACTOR JSR grant, we released a new album of the same name in 2023. Additionally, we've developed an original arthouse film to complement the touring version of "Children of Metropolis," which premiered in New Mexico in April 2024. We're looking forward to the opportunity for you to experience our work! I'm currently (Nov 2023) a director of BCTC and Music BC.
Artist manager
Creative designer, Lighting director, Production manager, Tour manager
Invented instruments