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Claire Boning

Claire Boning
Claire Boning
Over the past twelve years as a recording and touring artist and working in the music industry for the past six years as an event planner, artist consultant, membership & volunteer coordinator, grant administrator, and youth mentor at Manitoba Music, Claire learned the value of broad abilities and purposeful, compassionate work.

Working with a variety of artists and professionals across Canada and globally, consulting with artists, providing showcase support, and building and executing multiple career development programs equipped Claire with an in-depth understanding of the music industry. Passionate about traveling, her career has allowed her to take part in conferences and festivals in the USA, UK, and across Canada, representing and building valuable connections for artists. Through her work, she has contributed to the growth of many Manitoban and Western Canadian artists in global markets and proudly champions their creative and ever-thriving music communities.

Driven by new adventures and evolving aspirations, Claire embarked on a new journey in 2023, and joined the Misfit Music MGMT team as an artist manager and consultant. Claire is excited to continue working with musicians across Western Canada.

Claire currently plays drums in Winnipeg trio Veneer, and is also on the board of Cluster, the new music and integrated arts festival.
Artist manager
  • Drums
  • Vocalist
Board Member, Strategic Committee, Consultant