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Raquel (Rocky) Mann

Premium Member Raquel (Rocky) Mann
Premium Member
Raquel (Rocky) Mann
I’m passionate about activating music initiatives that support, connect, and evolve our arts communities and economy. As Purple City Music Festival’s Director of Planning, Communications, I oversee the festival’s information, media and technology workflows, and strategic development, and co-lead artist curation, marketing and fund development.

In my day job, I lead the Edmonton Public Library’s local music initiative, Capital City Records (CCR), aimed at making local music accessible through developing an ethically-minded digital music platform and hosting events, concerts, educational & networking programming and multi-stakeholder partner projects. I oversee the annual CCR submissions process, gig poster archive and music scene history showcase, and support service design for the library’s recording studios.

As an Instructor at University of Alberta in the Faculty of Extension l teach about Copyright and Intellectual Property as part of the Digital Marketing certificate program.

I’ve contributed as a board member and partner of the Edmonton Music Awards, and this past year, helped establish a city-wide Musician in Residence Program as part of the Junos Host Legacy Committee. I’m excited to be supporting the 2024 Canadian Country Music Awards Legacy Committee.

With a background in media arts, I love taking on film and graphic visual projects whenever possible. I also like to yell at people I’m not mad at in a punk band.
Artist relations, Digital streaming, Licensing, Music curator, Project manager, Promoter, Public relations
Festival Director
Artist, Singer, Touring musician
Artist, Instrumentalist, Singer, Touring musician
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Vocalist
Co-writer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Top Line
Music video director, Music video editor, Content creator
Alternative Rock, Experimental, Grunge, Punk
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor