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Shalaine Stebner

Premium Member Shalaine Stebner
Premium Member
Shalaine Stebner
I am a singer/songwriter from a small town with a big heart and even bigger dreams! I have been performing on stage since I was 12, anywhere and any chance I could! I sang along to karaoke music all of my teens, until I finally taught myself how to play guitar when I was 22, on my grandpas old guitar! From there, I joined an old fogie band, where I learned the art of playing with a band, listening to eachother, and going off of cues! We started jamming and performing at various venues and events, all on a volunteer basis! We eventually broke down, as they were getting older and slower, but I just barely had a taste and was thirsty for more! I started writing songs in 2020, and the first song that I wrote and composed was a song that I had wrote for my son, about mens mental health, called As Strong As Your Daddy. There is such a stigma around mental health for men and women, and my hope is that my children don’t suffer the way generations before have suffered. That lit a fire in me, and I continued writing until I found a recording studio and producer that was within my little budget. I started recording and streaming my music, which has been well received! My song, Dirt Road Raised, was featured on CFWE’s Alberta Singer/Songwriter showcase, and that was the first time I was on the radio! I won a competition and got to open for Chad Brownlee for Bashaw’s Summer Sendoff! I have played many venues, events, bars, parks, halls, private events, Westerner Days, and CFR!
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