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Eunice Keitan

Premium Member Eunice Keitan
Premium Member
Eunice Keitan
Eunice Keitan's music is a vibrant reflection of her diverse international background and the eclectic influences drawn from her Malaysian, Canadian, and Colombian homes. Through a captivating fusion of Neo-Soul and World Folk styles, Eunice crafts a sonic landscape that is both soul-stirring and remarkably inventive.
Her latest EP, supported by The Toronto Arts Council, showcases Eunice's talent for reimagining traditional Asian soundscapes in a modern context. Her music has been featured on CBC music, BBC, The Toronto Guardian, Exclaim Magazine, Stereofox, Now magazine, and Canadian Beats. Her previous work has also been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award.
Artist, Singer
Artist, Performer, Singer
  • Guitar
  • Vocalist
Co-writer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Top Line
Music video editor, Photographer
R&B, Soul, World