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Agnes Gaudreau

Premium Member Agnes Gaudreau
Agnes Gaudreau
Agnes Gaudreau
Put simply, I'm an entrepreneur and artist always looking to amplify marginalized voices.

In more details!
By trade, I'm a dancer, singer, visual artist and auto mechanic.
While co-funding a worker's coop (Jeanne & filles), working and sitting on the board of a growing non-profit (UTILE) & running a community auto shop (Atelier mécanique @ Bâtiment 7) made me acquire managing, negotiating, planning, strategizing, writing, organizing, coordinating and representing skills.

My goal today->
I'm a passionate individual looking to help a promising music band that is just starting togheter but that is comprised of talented experienced musicians. The concept of their music blends the lyricism of old school hip-hop, with the musicality of traditional dominican Bachata along with the rythms of trending Trap genre.

To do so,
I want to better my understanding of the music industry, develop my network in this field and perfect my grant writing skills.
Artist manager, Artist relations, Booking agent, Digital streaming, Finance, Marketing, Project manager, Promoter, Public relations
Artist, Audio visual technician, Creative designer, Singer, Tour manager, Touring musician, Wardrobe
Artist, Performer, Singer
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Beat maker, Lyricist, Songwriter
Music video director, Content creator
Production assistant
Classical, Dub, Electronic, Experimental, Funk, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, Latin, New Wave, Pop, Punk, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Reggaeton, Soul, Trap, World
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor