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Harley Olivia

Premium Member Harley Olivia
Harley Olivia
Harley Olivia
Emerging from Toronto's vibrant dive bar scene, Harley Olivia has seen it all. From fronting metal bands, to circus-punk and everything in between, Harley has always felt most alive on the stage. She electrifies audiences with her energetic performances, driven by punchy synths, infectious melodies, and her signature rock n’ roll swagger.

A Harley Olivia concert isn't just a show—it's an empowering rock n’ roll revolution! Whether you're a neurodivergent millennial craving connection or an introspective soul navigating the pitfalls of love, her stage offers both community and release. Here, everyone is always encouraged to shake off the shame and embrace their inner ‘badass.’

Harley clinched victory in the Jack Daniel’s Supporting Act Competition, amassed over 650k views on her Youtube channel and now writes and collaborates with renowned JUNO Award-Winning producer, Siegfried Meier.

Fresh from the release of her evocative single “Haunted”, Harley Olivia’s debut solo EP entitled 'Hiding Little Pieces' is set to be released this year!
Voice Teacher (singing/screaming)
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Performer, Singer, Touring musician
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Co-writer, Lyricist, Songwriter
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Alternative Rock, Grunge, Indie Rock, Metal, Pop
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