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Maude St-Amand Courcy

Premium Member Maude St-Amand Courcy
Premium Member
Maude St-Amand Courcy
Impresaria / Mundial Montréal
Maude is an artist manager, booking agent and project manager based in Montreal, Canada. She is currently working as manager for Ramon Chicharron and Bye Parula, as a project manager and booking agent with Impresaria and as the manager of the professional program at Mundial Montreal. Her approach with the artists she represents is highly personalized to ensure optimum development of the artist’s career to reach national and international levels. In an industry where there is often too much homogeneity, she values diversity, bridges between cultures and artistic approaches that go off the beaten track. As the manager of the professional program at Mundial Montreal, her role is to coordinate the World Route Network, the mentorship program, the curation of the professional content, the curation of the delegates and everything related to their experience at Mundial Montreal.
Artist manager, Booking agent, Music executive
Responsable du volet profesionnelle à Mundial Montréal (conférence)
Alternative Rock, Folk, Indie Rock, Latin, Pop, R&B, World
Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant