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Ola Mazzuca

Ola Mazzuca
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Ola Mazzuca
Music is Ola Mazzuca’s life vocation. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Ola launched her career over a decade ago as a multimedia journalist deep within the moshpits of the city’s Metal community. Since then, her sonic journey has expanded tenfold.

Ola’s work and personal experience span a wide spectrum ranging from Features Editor of a magazine to Project Coordinator for the development of programs supporting accessibility and inclusion within art galleries and museums, to hosting and producing several podcast series supporting community initiatives.

Blending her passion for art and advocacy, she is a Senior Publicist at Toronto-based public relations and management company, Indoor Recess, working with artists from across Canada and beyond, fostering interest in their music and personal stories.
Marketing, Music curator, Project manager, Public relations
Photographer, Content creator
Panelist, Consultant
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