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Kathryn Waugh

Kathryn Waugh
Basic Member
Kathryn Waugh
With decades of experience helping songwriters, recording artists, producers and entrepreneurs navigate the music industry, Kathryn Waugh of Music Matters has been pivotal in helping creatives develop and grow their careers.

From rights management and contract negotiations to artist and business development, Kathryn has been involved in almost every area of the music business. She has worked with the catalogues of major artists including Tom Waits, David Foster, The Tragically Hip and Aerosmith and many indie stars on the rise. Kathryn has also managed music licensing for Entertainment Tonight, CBC, National Film Board of Canada, Discovery Channel, CTV and an array of festival productions. Most recently Kathryn has entered the world of NFTs and Web3, using her experience to successfully help launch cutting-edge digital campaigns for world-renowned artists.

As an educator, Kathryn has developed and taught courses at some of the most prominent post-secondary music schools in the Greater Toronto Area. She further shares her music industry knowledge through Music Matters workshops, industry panels and conferences, and private teaching.
Artist relations, Finance, Licensing, Music executive, Project manager, Publishing
Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, Digital Collectible Campaigns
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor