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goodheart (Lianna)

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goodheart (Lianna)
A gut-punch-heart-squeeze feeling—that’s what comes to mind when describing the sound of goodheart.

From early on, goodheart was writing songs and translating her world into sound. During university, she began to produce and perform her songs alongside friends in Toronto and received Factor’s Artist Development grant in 2022.

As she fell in love with producing, she started to realize the little representation women have as producers.

“Growing up, I didn’t really see many women who actively produced their own songs, along with writing them. Song writing is such a cathartic approach to fleshing out your feelings, but producing gives the song shape beyond anything originally imagined. I love being a part of both aspects.”

Mixing dreamy pop synths with gritty fuzz guitars and compelling vocals, goodheart strives to be known as a singer, songwriter and producer – capturing honesty and heart through fresh and familiar sounds.
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