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Kaitie Sly

Premium Member Kaitie Sly
Premium Member
Kaitie Sly
British Columbia
Kaitie Sly
For nearly 30 years, Katie Sly has worked as a session, touring and performing musician. She was formally trained in music at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and then she obtained a Masters in Music from the University of Victoria in 2019. She was artist-in-resident at Lobe Studio in 2021, and at MONOM in Berlin in the spring of 2023, where she developed two 4DSOUND spatial sound composition. As a sound artist, she will be presenting her latest composition, Into The Deep, at Lobe Spatial Sound Studio and at NeuzTec! multimedia and experimental sound design Festival in 2024. She has received BC Arts Council grants in recognition of her work and continues to tour internationally with her afro-soul group, Serengeti, as well as a solo artist, and for other artists such as Rumour Mill, Sade Awele and Anna Katarina.
Artist relations, Marketing, Project manager, Publishing
Artist, Singer, Touring musician
Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician, Touring musician
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
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Co-writer, Lyricist, Songwriter
Music video director, Music video editor, Photographer, Content creator
Mixer, Producer, Production assistant, Vocal producer
Alternative Rock, Experimental, Funk, Grunge, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Soul, World