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Kari Lyn Blacquiere

Kari Lyn Blacquiere
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Kari Lyn Blacquiere
Kari Lyn has spent her whole life surrounded by music and storytelling. Growing up in North Rustico, PEI, listening to the “Saturday Night Hoedown” radio station, and stories told by her “PEI Famous” Grandfather, Tommy Gallant, she was constantly inspired to share her truth through her lyrics. At 19 years old, she left home for a trip to Thailand, resulting in almost 5 years of travel, going out of her comfort zone, and experiencing everything from scuba diving, climbing active volcanos to learning new languages and cultural traditions. Inspired by these travels, she returned to PEI and wrote and released her debut album, “Hit The Ground”. To top it all off, the record was later nominated for Rock Album of the Year at the 2020 Music PEI awards. Currently, the songstress is back in the studio, hard at work on an experimental EP focused on the concepts of duality, and dreams and nightmares.
Artist, Performer, Singer
Folk, Indie Rock