Kat Dion
Kat Dion
Rawdon Quebec

Based out of Montreal, Kat Dion is an Electro-Pop singer|songwriter and producer, who started releasing music in 2019. Her main instrument being Vocals, she also plays the Keys/Synth. Kat Dion’s music is highly inspired by the 80’s and electronic music. Bands like Depeche Mode and artists like David Bowie & Kate Bush have highly shaped her art-form.


What is your pronoun? She/Her
How do you identify regarding your gender? Female
Neither Indigenous or Person of Colour Neither Indigenous or Person of Colour
Yes Yes

Work Experience

L'expérience professionnelle

Kat Dion, 2019, Artist

Industry Skills

Compétences de l'industrie

, Kat Dion
Live Artist, Singer
Musician Artist, Performer, Singer, Touring Musician
  • Vocalist
Songwriting Beat Maker, Co-Writer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Top Line
Visual Creative Content Creator
Production Producer