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Kateryna Topol

Kateryna Topol
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Kateryna Topol
A near decade ago Kateryna realized that it was time to translate her passion for music into a tangible product which very quickly became the first iteration of Today Kateryna is spearheading what has become a recognized North American music publication with a team of contributors across major Canadian and US cities, documenting stories and shining a spotlight on new music. This year the magazine team has added contributors in Europe, expanding our reach overseas.

Kateryna also currently holds a seat on the FACTOR jury board. Working as a Design Director in emerging tech by day Kateryna splits her time between these two different industries consistently searching for talent and opportunities to grow the publication in new ways. Still very much actively writing herself she can be often spotted in photo pits of various stages across the city and sharing live from international music festivals showcasing a range of genres from indie, to reggae, to obscure sub-genres of electronic.