Laura Chau
Laura Chau
Milton Ontario

I'm Laura Sea and I'm a Canadian singer-songwriter and alternative rock artist. Combining dark themes with lighter melodies, I write songs that range from post-grunge to pop-punk. With melodic piano and serene vocals, I sing about about overcoming struggles and hope to shed some light on dark times by bringing enlightening messages to my songs.

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L'expérience professionnelle

Industry Skills

Compétences de l'industrie

Business Artist Manager, Marketing, Project Manager
Live Artist, Creative Designer, Singer
Musician Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio Musician, Touring Musician
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Piano
  • Vocalist
Songwriting Lyricist, Songwriter, Top Line
Visual Creative Content Creator



Alternative Rock, Classical, Grunge, Indie Rock, Pop