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Vanessa Massera

Vanessa Massera
Basic Member
Vanessa Massera
SOUND ARTIST/PERFORMER. Composer of SAGASTAD Museum Soundscape. Co-Producer at QC/Nordic Cooperation Project Discussing Diversity. Co-Producer of UNM Festival 2019 in Piteå (SE) // Board Member at UNM (SE) // Board Member at Konstmusiksystrar (SE) // Board Member at Sound of Stockholm (SE).

Vanessa Massera, PhD (b. 1987/Montréal) specialised in electroacoustic music, a medium she now uses as a means to express poetic ideas whilst being anchored in the many different spaces and cultural environments she is inspired by. Her works have been performed amongst others at the ZKM (DE), NWEAMO Festival (JP/US), EMUFest (IT), Miso Music (PT), NYCEMF (US), TES (CA), Ai-Maako (CL), FRST (SE), MOKS (EE), with Éclats de Feux receiving the JTTP Canadian Electroacoustic Award. In 2019, she received her PhD at the University of Sheffield with the practice-based research subject Environment in Electroacoustic Music.
Music curator, Project manager
Artist, Audio technician, Creative designer
Artist, Performer, Studio musician
Live Electronics
Co-writer, Lyricist, Songwriter
Music video director, Music video editor, Content creator
Mixer, Production assistant
Experimental, Pop
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Teacher | Instructor
English, French, Other