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Sonia Paço-Rocchia

Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Basic Member
Sonia Paço-Rocchia
Sonia Paço-Rocchia is an composer, sound installation artist, bassoon free-improviser, inventor, creative coder, live electronics musician. Her work has been presented all over North America and Europe as well as Asia. Sonia Paço-Rocchia’s research is about sounds, timbres and forms. Talented improviser, she uses a myriad of sound-makers, invented instruments and sound automatons, voice and mostly bassoon, along with live electronics. Working on the form, most of her work have visual elements and are non-linear, choices given to the players, or, for installation work, interactivity shapes the compositions.

Creative coder (MAX, Max for Live, Arduino/Teensy, HTML/CSS/PHP/SVG/JavaScript/Web Audio

Composer and artist:
Artist, Performer
Bassoon, invented instruments
Classical, Electronic, Experimental
Creative coding, 2006, MAX, Max for Live, Arduino/Teensy, HTML/CSS/PHP/SVG/JavaScript/Web Audio
Composer, 2001
Artist, 2009
English, French