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Pam Paton

Pam Paton
Basic Member
Pam Paton
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia
Guitarist / Singer Songwriter / Drummer / Percussionist

Pam's songs are rhythm guitar driven with blues, latin, folk & worldbeat influences
Pam debuted her songs on her second solo CD "Dancing with the Ancestors"

What folks say ...
"Pam's music captures audiences with primal vitality & warmth."
"Pam's songs are moving, meaningful, lyrical & contain a rhythm that resonates through you."
"Pam brings a strength of musicianship & presence to the stage that engages her listeners."
"Pam is a dedicated, passionate & authentic musician."
Artist, Singer, Touring musician
Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician, Touring musician
  • 76
  • Guitar
  • Keyboards
  • Percussion
  • Vocalist
  • Xylophone
Marimba, Melodica
Lyricist, Songwriter
Blues, Country, Folk, Funk, Latin, R&B, Reggae, World
Panelist, Consultant, Teacher | Instructor