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sarah Shafey

sarah Shafey
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sarah Shafey
Toronto singer, songwriter, producer and mixing engineer Sarah Shafey Shafey brilliantly weaves themes into her music of unveiling different versions of ourselves, women’s empowerment and science fiction, while captivating listeners with her seamless vocals and strong production.

As an advocate for women’s empowerment, her most recent album
Blackbox Universe is a homage to celebrating the different facets of womanhood. Sarah is proud to have co-produced, co-engineered and co-mixed the album with Hill Kourkoutis; the first female to win a JUNO award in the Recording Engineer of the Year category (2022).

From her previous three albums and a decade-long history in the Toronto music scene, Sarah Shafey has been praised for her sophistication and professional production. She’s been described as powerful, influential and independent, with each release receiving rave reviews throughout the Toronto community and across internet music blogs. Although she has mixed albums for bands across genres in her studio Squeaky Clean Records, her personal sound has grown over the past decade from piano folk-pop, to emotive alternative and grungy shoegaze rock, to the present with the pop, electronic, and rock vibes of her forthcoming release. Along with her powerhouse team, Shafey has created a transcendent soundscape, confirming her talent goes far beyond one specific genre.
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Artist, Instrumentalist, Performer, Singer, Studio musician
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