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Nicole Machin

Nicole Machin
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Nicole Machin
Nikki Machin is a musician, writer and slam poet hailing from Perth, Ontario, Canada. Queer, neurodivergent, and uninterested in conventional or long lasting labels. Nikki has changed their stage name frequently.

In their most recent metamorphosis, ‘That Nikki You Know’, there is a newly confident and reassured person standing before a lush and atmospheric musical supergroup of label mates. This persona of Nikki seems to be the most self-aware and furthest contrast to their conservative upbringing.

Nikki seems to have not only successfully escaped their past but successfully discovered a very strong hold on the reigns of their new identity.
 Nikki has competed at a national level for poetry and has a series of really great musical projects, performing at POP Montreal, Place Des Arts, Hillside Music Festival and other venues. They joined Ambre McLean as an Artist On Board with VIA Rail.

In 2018, they released an EP entitled The Quickest Way To Die. The title track was featured in Amelia Moses's 2020 horror film, Bleed With Me and has since garnered attention on Spotify. This EP was written, performed, mixed, and mastered by Nikki. But in the famous words of Yoko Ono, “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

Coming in spring 2022 is the much anticipated full length album, Thursday Colours. Give Me To The Season is the first single to be released from this album -- a dreamy, orchestral song about the holidays during covid.
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