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Julie Frigault
Julie Frigault

English, French
Moncton, New Brunswick

About:À propos de :  Julie Frigault

Julie frigault is a proud Acadian based out of Moncton New-Brunswick. She received her B’Phil in interdisciplinary leadership studies with a minor in media, arts and culture at the University of New Brunswick. From a young age, Julie was already participating in festivals and events from Louisiana to the east coast of Canada. It was an easy transition into working in the world of Arts and Culture. Now mostly working as a consultant in social media and event planning, she is also managing the musicians Maggie Savoie as well as working on her personal film projects. Julie can’t wait to see where the world of Arts and Culture will be in 2022 after these strange times.

Industry ExperienceExpérience industrielle

Artist Manager, • Artist Relations, Booking Agent, Digital Streaming, Marketing

Other ExperienceAutre expérience
Board Member, Panelist, Strategic Committee, Consultant

Production Manager, Tour Manager