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Elise Boeur

Elise Boeur
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Elise Boeur
JUNO nominated fiddler, violinist, and Hardanger fiddle player Elise Boeur ties together diverse influences with a deceptively light touch – her distinctive, silvery tone belongs to a world of its own. Whether exploring the outfields of contemporary folk music, or as a chameleonic collaborator in many genres, her playing is unmistakable.


My main focus is my prog-trad quintet Aerialists. I also love working as a sideperson - I take great pleasure in inhabiting other musical visions, and do my best to translate them with warmth and clarity. I play strings and sing harmonies.

I also do album and web design for musicians, make music videos, and film live concerts.
Artiste, Musicienne de tournée
Artiste, Instrumentaliste, Interprète, Musicienne de studio, Musicienne de tournée
  • Alto
  • Violon
Montage de vidéoclips et/ou de contenus visuels en ligne
Country, Expérimental, Folk, Minimaliste, Pop, Musique du monde
Membre d'un conseil d'administration, Enseignant(e) | Éducatrice