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Catherine M Thompson

Catherine M Thompson
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Catherine M Thompson
Catherine M Thompson, singer-songwriter, poet, recording artist, and performer. Produced by Chris Birkett, she released Catherine M Thompson Song Project: Celtic Cat (2015), Cool Cat (2017), Papa’s Photo holiday single (2018), and Wild Cat! (2021). Several singles from Wild Cat! were released in 2020. She launched Cool Cat in 2017 fronting a seven-piece jazz band. As evident by the project titles, Catherine is a multi-genre songwriter. Her song On The Water was a finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards. Swing Daddy was a semi-finalist in the Canadiana division of the Canadian Songwriting Competition. The World Songwriting Awards listed Swing Daddy a Best Jazz Song finalist (Winter 2020), I Want Out a Best Rock Song finalist (Fall 2021), A Shot of Whiskey a Best Rock Song finalist (Winter 2021), and I Drive Away a finalist Outlaw Song (Winter 2022). Catherine’s music is on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, Visit Catherine is a former dancer (BFA York), storyteller, and educator. Steeped in family tradition and lore, one of 6 sisters, married, mother, and grandmother, like Winnie the Pooh, a little hum can become a song or poem.
Art is life!