Madelyn Read
Madelyn Read
Vancouver British Columbia

Madelyn is a Vancouver-based folk/alt-country artist who writes from her perspectives as a white cis-woman settler on unceded Coast Salish territories. She blends her connection to this complex urban landscape with her love of country and folk music. Madelyn pulls influence from powerful female musicians like Emmylou Harris, Norah Jones, and I’m With Her, and draws immense inspiration from activists fighting for social and environmental justice. Madelyn's songs bring listeners to reflect, both on the world around them and on themselves. Through her musical practice, she strives to bring joy to others, build community, and examine how we can create a more radical, just, and loving world.

​Madelyn has also released an EP with her sister Savannah in their duo Arbutus (Arbutus, 2019), and joined forces with Vancouver indie artist Here North There (In the Midst, 2019).

L'expérience professionnelle

Industry Skills

Compétences de l'industrie

Live Artiste, Directeur de Production, Chanteur/Chanteuse, Musicien(ne) en Tournée
Musicienne Artiste, Instrumentaliste, Interprète, Chanteur/Chanteuse, Musicienne de Studio, Musicien(ne) en Tournée
  • Guitare
  • Mandoline
  • Ukulélé
  • Chanteur
Composition Co-Auteur/Compositeur, Auteur, Auteur Compositeur



Country, Folk