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Lindsey McGowen

Lindsey McGowen
De base Member
Lindsey McGowen
In music, I'm a producer, singer and aspiring songwriter. I primarily work in Ableton Live and Reaper, and vast majority of my experience has been in vocals. (Have you seen Pitch Perfect? That competition is real, and I used to judge for them.)

I've also been a lighting designer, stage manager and technical director for live theater venues for 10 years where I've won numerous local awards for my design work.

I also produce two podcasts: Tales from the Black Vault and Zero Broke Girls.
Chargée de projet
Artiste, Ingénieure de son, Ingénieure de son scène/retour, Directrice de production, Chanteuse
Artiste, Interprète, Chanteuse
  • Chanteuse
Productrice, Assistante de production, Instructrice de chant
Électronique, Expérimental, Folk, Rock Indé, Pop
Awayard, 2020-present, Producer, Performer
Tales from the Black Vault, 2015-2017, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Zero Broke Girls, 2021-present, Producer