Tessy Pokuah Paquin
Tessy Pokuah Paquin
Montreal Quebec

After studying sciences for much of her life, Tessy had to realize that music was more than a hobby. Working in the event world throughout her studies, she quickly realized that her skills were transferable. It was now obvious that she had to embark on this new branch that life presented her.

Golden Tiger was born.

Her main focus is oriented on building a solid network and strong relationships in the industry to provide thrilling and stimulating opportunities for her artists.

Evolving in the Montreal music scene for several years now, it’s just recently that she decided to start her own management company. Bringing passion, professionalism and rigour to the table every time.

L'expérience professionnelle

Industry Skills

Compétences de l'industrie

Domaine Directeur Artistique, Gérant d'artiste, • Artist Relations, Curateur de musique, Chef de projet
Live Artiste, Chanteur/Chanteuse
Musicienne Artiste, Instrumentaliste, Interprète, Musicienne de Studio
  • Basse
  • 76
  • Guitare
  • Claviers
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Chanteur
Composition Beat-Maker, Co-Auteur/Compositeur, Auteur, Auteur Compositeur, Top Line



Électronique, Funk, Hip Hop, House, Minimalisme, Pop, R&B, Rap