Kat Bryan

Kat Bryan
Kat Bryan
British Columbia
Based in Vancouver, I'm a singer-songwriter and producer. I create original dark pop music that blends my passion for orchestral instruments with modern electronic production. I like my songs lush, layered and epic. I am very interested in contributing my original songs to film and television, as well as continuing to release my self-produced tracks. I currently have music out on all streaming platforms, under the name Kat Bryan Music.
Artiste, Chanteur/Chanteuse
Artiste, Interprète, Chanteur/Chanteuse, Musicien(ne) en Tournée
  • Guitare
  • Piano
  • Chanteur
Co-Auteur/Compositeur, Auteur, Auteur Compositeur, Top Line
Électronique, Pop