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Renita Zintel

Renita Zintel
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Renita Zintel
I have been writing songs since high school and play , guitar, bass and a little bit of keyboard . I have written and performed ,blues, rock ,pop, jazz , folk , country and hard rock songs .
Currently working with musicians from the US( We formed a hard rock band two and a half years ago. I write the lyrics and arrange and perform the songs for the band . Our music has been played all over the world on radio . We are "Fate Will Come" . I also write songs with a musician in the UK.
Future plans include forming a Canadian band to promote Fate Will Come to Canada and the World.
www.fatewillcome .com
Artiste, Chanteuse
Artiste, Interprète, Chanteuse
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  • Guitare
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  • Chanteuse
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Instructrice de chant
Rock Alternatif, Blues, Country, Électronique, Folk, Rock Indé, Pop, Punk