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Sarah Tolle

Sarah Tolle
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Sarah Tolle
British Columbia
I am a singer-songwriter based in Vancouver, BC, and I also work as an actress and a content director of an indie media company.

My music is marked by a trusting openness, which prompts many of my first-time listeners to tell me, "This sounds like a Disney soundtrack!". 

I deliver pieces that are simple and accessible, yet empowering and fiercely catchy. You'll hear themes of encouragement, tolerance, and peace in eclectic pop compositions that blend house beats, sweeping orchestral sounds, and old time banjo folk.

Although I only discovered myself as a singer-songwriter 9 months ago in Feb 2021, I've been fortunate to work with the award-winning producer Ovi Bistriceanu right off the bat. I'm looking forward to growing my career and collaborating with other creatives!
Artiste, Chanteuse
Artiste, Chanteuse
  • Banjo
  • Piano
  • Chanteuse
Co-Autrice/Compositrice, Autrice, Autrice/Compositrice, Top line
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Country, Électronique, Folk, Pop