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Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon

Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon
De base Member
Roseline Rousseau-Gagnon
I've been active in the music industry for over 20 years now, starting at GMMQ as a Collective Agreements Agent.
I've worked 9 years for a label, booking agent and publisher, during which I was appointed Vice-President of APEM. My two-year term on APEM's board has thought me a lot about governance, funding and policies.
In September of 2020, I joined ADISQ, where I organize Les Rencontres and Les Rendez-Vous (which consist of panels and other industry networking activities), and oversee our continuous training program.
Professionnelle de l’industrie, Association de l'industrie musicale, Chargée de projet
Membre d'un conseil d'administration, Panéliste, Comité stratégique, Consultante, Enseignant(e) | Éducatrice
Anglais, Français