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Kerri Stephens

Premium Member Kerri Stephens
Premium Member
Kerri Stephens
St Malo
Having worked for 10 years at Winnipeg historic music venue, the West End Cultural Centre, Kerri Stephens is well versed in the Music Industry. With experience in Programming, event planning, marketing, grant writing, community outreach & sponsorships, it was a natural fit to launch Lost Cat Artists. Lost Cat Artists is an artist management agency that focuses on long term strategic career planning, album launches, team building and placements. Lost Cat also offers hourly admin support and grant writing for artists and labels beyond the roster. Currently on the Lost Cat roster are artists: JP Hoe, Declan O'Donovan, Little Miss Higgins & Scott Nolan.

With extensive experience in event planning, Lost Cat partners with sister company Lola D’s Eat, Grow & Think Creative to create fundraising food Pop Up and live music events to raise money for Non Profit Organizations.

Kerri Stephens has released 3 full albums and most recently an EP titled ‘Hunted & Hunter’, which was produced by Canadian troubadour Matt Epp, and has toured through Canada, the US and parts of Europe supporting that music. She performs solo and with music partner, Justin Lacroix as Tiger & The Hummingbird.

Kevin the cat is the base behind the name Lost Cat as his numerous many month escapades have led to many Lost Cat posts. Currently at home with no desire to run away anymore, he spends his time curled up in a ball listening to his favourite old time country vinyl records.
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Artiste, Chanteuse, Musicienne de tournée
Artiste, Interprète, Chanteuse, Musicienne de tournée
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