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Johanna Harrison

Johanna Harrison
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Johanna Harrison
I am a sole proprietor based in Ontario, Canada. I am a graduate of Brock University with a Bachelor of Sport Management. For nearly 20 years, I have acquired first-hand experience organizing events, operating non-profit fundraising campaigns and developing strategic marketing solutions.

My passion and main business focus are providing my Arts Industry clients (primarily musicians and authors) with service-based solutions to their event planning, event operations and business management needs. I love taking on the tedious tasks so YOU can focus on what you love to do, create and perform.

Key Specialties:

* Event Planning
* Artist Management Services
* Administration
* Marketing & Branding Development
* Public Relations & Promotions
* Rights & Royalties Monitoring

Due to the challenges and restrictions imposed by Covid-19, we are assisting our clients in making a shift to Virtual Events where appropriate, when In-Person Events and Concerts are not feasible, possible or are repeatedly cancelled. While the very nature of our industry thrives on in-person events, we recognize the unique opportunity this option provides to reach existing and new markets.
Gérante d'artiste, Commercialisation, Promotion, Relations publiques
Mise en scène de spectacles
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Country, Folk, Pop
Comité stratégique, Consultante
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