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Cathleen Lundgren

Premium Member Cathleen Lundgren
Premium Member
Cathleen Lundgren
British Columbia
Cathleen has worked within the music industry for 24 years, starting as a personal business manager to her partner, bassist for Canadian rock band Default, and using that as a springboard to create her dream of supporting music that inspires people to achieve their idea of success. She created a management company and a consulting business. In 2012 she launched Elbowroom Recordings with flagship artist Lion Bear Fox.

“Create your own luck” is a phrase Cathleen takes very seriously. She believes in taking risks to build a solid foundation of knowledge applicable to all aspects of the music industry. Her experience includes business management (Yaletown Financial), artist management (Mission Management Group), promotions and event production (Northern Lights Festival, Fort Nelson), grant writing (artist, record label and festival), recording (The Warehouse, Woodshop), release planning (Elbowroom Recordings), song registration (SOCAN, SoundExchange), marketing and media | campaign development | branding, tour management (artist and charity campaign – The Ride Across Canada), artist booking, communications management, multiple team management, marketing and public relations, and educational course development (Music Business – Nimbus).

Since 1999, Cathleen has been a member of CARAS, FACTOR, CIMA, Music BC, Songwriters Association, Music Managers Forum, Women in Music and CCMA.
Gérante d'artiste, Finance, Professionnelle de l’industrie, Chargée de projet
Comptable de tournée, Directrice de tournée
Membre d'un conseil d'administration, Consultante, Enseignant(e) | Éducatrice