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RoseAnna Schick

RoseAnna Schick
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RoseAnna Schick
RoseAnna Schick is a music manager, motion picture publicist, field producer, travel columnist, and award-winning entrepreneur. With 25 years in management, communications, media relations, and production, RoseAnna is credited on 90+ film and television projects, has worked with 70+ special events, and contributed to dozens of music careers.

Most passionate about her work with Attawapiskat-based musician Adrian Sutherland, RoseAnna takes care of all aspects of Adrian’s business, marketing and logistics. She produced ten music videos that collectively earned close to 1 million views, and is extra proud of Heart Of Gold (Cover), nominated Best Performing Arts & Entertainment at 2019 Yorkton Film Festival, and Politician Man, which took home the award in 2020.

RoseAnna started in music through college internships, followed by a year at Paquin Entertainment. She was nominated Outstanding Manager at the 2001 Prairie Music Awards for her work with Winnipeg rock band Pushing Daisies, and was honoured to receive a Women of Distinction Award in 2011. She was nominated in 2007 as a Manitoba Woman Entrepreneur of the Year.

A community builder and trailblazer, RoseAnna is one of three founding members of Manitoba Music, having co-led the Manitoba Audio Recording Industry Association though a complete overhaul and relaunch into the organization we know today. She is also a founding member of the Prairie Music Alliance, which became the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2003.