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Roveena Gnanabakthan

Premium Member Roveena Gnanabakthan
Premium Member
Roveena Gnanabakthan
Toronto-based vocal powerhouse Roveena has been making her own mark in the music industry. Her signature voice has over three million spins and shattered 12 million views in YouTube collaborations. Her first EP 'Perfect World' received critical acclaim with Roveena quickly being recognized as a "stunning voice that needs to be heard" and garnered various media and radio outlets, including glowing reviews from BBC Radio and Glow Magazine.

Roveena's hit song 'Fearless' from her sophomore album titled Fearless was featured during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics on CBC Television. Her second single 'Fly' hit 50,000 streams within the first week of release. Now, she's out with another emotional ballad 'Time' written with James Bryan (SONY/ATV, The Philosopher Kings, Prozzak) which hit close to 100,00 streams the first month of it's release.

Roveena was personally invited by The Recording Academy to speak as a BIPOC Artist and her experience in the industry. Now, Roveena is writing and recording with juno nominated producer Ryan Worsley (Nuela Charles, Monowhales, Luca Fogale, Dear Rouge, Treble) on her upcoming third studio album.
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