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Sarah Sleeth

Premium Member Sarah Sleeth
Sarah Sleeth
Twin Fang Records
Twin Fang Records is a new female and queer-owned and operated label, founded by longtime industry whiz Sarah Sleeth. The label’s mission is to hold space for women, queer, non-binary, trans folk and allies while nurturing lasting representation in the music and entertainment industry.

Twin Fang is a place built on know-how, equipped to develop sharp and savvy release strategies and marketing campaigns for its roster with global distribution via Six Shooter Records. Twin Fang offers years of experience, attention to detail and a boundless respect for music and its makers. Female and queer-owned and operated, Twin Fang is a place built for women, queer, non-binary, trans folk and allies, with a mission to create more representation in the industry. Most of all, Twin Fang is a place built for community, a place where fandom lives and thrives, and a place for sharing newest faves with oldest buds.
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Rock Alternatif, Country, Folk, Grunge, Rock Indé, Punk