Diane Foy
Diane Foy

Multi-passionate Artists coach and podcast host Diane Foy is on a mission to challenge the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” because Renaissance souls are limitless in their capacities for knowledge and development.

Diane loves to draw on her photography, fashion, and makeup artistry experience one day and her journalist, publicist, and marketing experience the next. She helps artists embrace their values, ambitions, and story in order to slide into the spotlight with the impact and income to match.

During her 16 year career as an arts and entertainment publicist, she worked with artists such as Perry Farrell, Sass Jordan, Big Sugar, DOA, Fernando Saunders, Dearly Beloved, Brian Byrne, the Salads, Les Stroud, Peter Katz, The Parlotones, Five Alarm Funk and many more along with actors Mackenzie Phillips, Robb Wells, Tyler Blackburn, and Robert Loggia.

Work Experience

L'expérience professionnelle

Multi-Passionate Artists, Musicians, Actors, 2019-present, Creativity & Personal Branding Coach
Big Sugar, DOA, Sass Jordan, Perry Farrell, +++, 2004-2020, Publicist
Metalworks Institute, 2018-present, Marketing, Promotion & Publicity Instructor
Multi-Passionate Artists Podcast, 2018-present, Podcaster

Industry Skills

Compétences de l'industrie

Domaine • Artist Relations, Commercialisation, Relations publiques
Création Visuelle Photographe, Créateur de Contenu