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Kathryn Waugh

Premium Member Kathryn Waugh
Premium Member
Kathryn Waugh
Music Matters
Kathryn Waugh, founder of Music Matters, brings decades of experience guiding songwriters, recording artists, producers, and entrepreneurs through the complexities of the music industry. Her expertise spans rights management, contract negotiations, and artist and business development. Kathryn has worked with diverse clients, managing music licensing for high-profile media productions and acclaimed festivals. Recently, she has embraced the world of NFTs and Web3, leading innovative digital campaigns for globally renowned artists.

Through Music Matters, Kathryn has established a trusted hub for music industry professionals seeking guidance and growth. Her deep passion for fostering talent and innovation has built Music Matters into a respected consulting firm offering a wide range of services, from career development and rights management to strategic industry insights. Under her leadership, Music Matters empowers creatives to reach their full potential.

An educator at heart, Kathryn has developed and taught courses at leading post-secondary music institutions in the Greater Toronto Area. She shares her extensive industry knowledge through Music Matters workshops, industry panels, conferences, and private instruction. Kathryn’s commitment to education and innovation makes her a valuable resource for those striving to thrive in the ever-evolving music industry.
Analyste, Responsable en A&R, Finance, License, Professionnelle de l’industrie, Chargée de projet, Édition
Web3, NFTs, Metaverse, Digital Collectible Campaigns, Contract review, Rights management, Royalties
Membre d'un conseil d'administration, Panéliste, Comité stratégique, Consultante, Enseignant(e) | Éducatrice