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Denise Ruzage

Premium Member Denise Ruzage
Premium Member
Denise Ruzage
Bare Hands Creative
Ansíra is a Toronto-based artist whose lived experience and unique perspective shapes her work. Her East African roots and her upbringing in the culturally and musically eclectic city of Toronto has influenced her diverse sound. A dynamic vocalist, she has been classically trained since childhood in a variety of genres including jazz York University and opera. She’s long received recognition and praise for her poignant and raw writing style. In 2021, Conscious Economics, The Honey Jam and Arts Help named Ansíra among the top 10 artists for social change in the national Artists for Social Change competition. In 2023 she was selected from thousands of applicants worldwide to participate in a mentorship program where she worked under Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, Grammy and Critics Choice nominated songwriter Taura Stinson. She looks forward to releasing her debut EP, About Closure in the fall of 2024, which will showcase her dynamic vocals, her poignant songwriting and eclectic sound with support from the Ontario Arts Council.
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