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Joanna De Grace

Premium Member Joanna De Grace
Premium Member
Joanna De Grace
Joanna DeGrâce
Joanna began singing in choirs and musical theatre as a child and teenager, wrote songs as part of a rock band as a young adult and continued casually writing songs as a hobby; but music was put on hold as she pursued a career in nursing.
Joanna's life was brought into a new focus in 2020 after being reassigned to a hot zone to treat sick and dying patients during the pandemic, which gave her the courage and motivation to finally release her music, as "Don't die with the music still in you" rang more true than ever.

Following this wake-up call to follow her dreams as a musician, she salvaged tracks from her old computer before it died altogether, she collaborated with various musicians, a couple of producers and sound engineers during her days off amidst the lockdown in Montreal. Her first single Hourglass is an acoustic heartfelt song with meaningful & hopeful lyrics for fans of Taylor Swift during her more "country era", and she released her first EP "Twisted" in 2023.
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