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Jo Lukis

Jo Lukis
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Jo Lukis
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Just Really Good
Just Really Good offers custom music marketing services built on data and over a decade of music industry experience and success.

Owner Jo Lukis has held marketing roles with major and independent record labels and artist management companies since 2011, both in Australia and Canada. She has managed campaigns that now total well over 500 million Spotify streams.

She launched Just Really Good in 2019 to provide a high-touch, holistic and transparent music marketing experience that she found lacking in traditional digital marketing agencies.

Jo has a strong focus on artist development and growth, and believes in empowering artists and their teams with education on how best to spend their marketing budget to -

Genuinely grow their audiences
Own and understand their data
Engage meaningfully with fans

Now more than ever, there’s so much we can do to build a solid music career that grows steadily over time and considers recorded music the root that multiple branches of revenue can grow from. Taking a technology-led but always genuine approach to audience growth is the way Just Really Good maximizes results for artists.

Recent clients include Jarryd James, Ria Mae, Last Dinosaurs, Sinzere, Warner Music Australia, Remote Control Records and many more. Jo also runs the digital marketing workshop for SoundStock Academy, empowering young Black emerging artists in Toronto.
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