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Justine Giles

Justine Giles
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Justine Giles
Calgary-based singer-songwriter Justine Giles shines with a fresh perspective and a hopeful, open-hearted approach on “Another Chance”. Following the release of her deeply personal single “Save Myself”, Giles turns outward for inspiration, unearthing new emotions while making musical nods to a distinct Alberta landscape. “Another Chance” offers a glimmer of hope, with the possibility of leaving trauma in the rear-view mirror on the road to new horizons. Giles understands this process is not easy as she laments her doubts over a shimmering piano ballad, but a dazzling guitar hook coupled with Giles’ uplifting voice breaks new ground.

Drawing on the rich and honest songwriting tradition honed by pioneering artists Maren Morris, Sheryl Crow and Kacey Musgraves, Justine has developed her own distinctive brand of truth rooted in her personal journey. “Another Chance” is the latest poignant chapter of that journey, during which she learned that her past has helped carve out a bright future.

Justine has been profiled on CTV’s Marilyn Denis Show and was named Calgary’s representative in the Jim Beam Virtual National Talent Search, staged in conjunction with Canadian Music Week. With two recent singles and newfound confidence, Justine Giles has proven that she’s right where she is supposed to be — ready to fully embrace a career making music that is sure to have a deep and lasting positive impact on her audience.
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