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Kimberley Castlemain

Premium Member Kimberley Castlemain
Premium Member
Kimberley Castlemain
Kimmy Macq
Kimberley MacQuarrie (nee Castlemain) aka Kimmy Macq is a songwriter, artist and producer based in Toronto, Canada. Originally hailing from Australia, with 7 years in Montreal and 5 in Toronto, she has spent the past 8 years honing her writing and obsessing with songwriting. With a background in poetry and an affinity for storytelling, her strength in writing rooms has been lyrics. She writes with artists to help tell their stories, and also started releasing her own in 2023. Her current catalog of live releases has almost 30 songs as writer, co-writer and/or artist. In 2023 she secured her first sync placement with the song 'Better' in the movie 'Love in Tahiti' which is distributed via Amazon Prime USA, and has 18 songs signed exclusively to production music libraries. Her secret skill is graphic design, having done numerous single artworks for her self and others. She specializes in surrealist-style collage artwork. 2024 is the start of a new pathway towards producing music and she looks forward to meeting and chatting with anyone in the WIMC community.
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