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Larysa Musick

Larysa Musick
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Larysa Musick
The shady oaks and canola fields in Headingley, MB seem plain and quiet at first. Look
closer, and there are grasshoppers chirping, blackbirds calling, and foxes jumping. It takes time and attention to uncover things, that’s how Larysa sees it. With a last name like Musick, making music might have been fate, but she sees it as a coincidence.

A firm believer in the slow build, Larysa wrote songs quietly, while performing on various public stages and hosting slam poetry open mic nights as a spoken word poet. Recently, she connected with artist and producer, Sierra Noble, and they started recording Larysa’s debut EP.

Musick’s songs blend roots and blues in a way that’s nostalgic for the 1960s folk revival
or old western country, with fingerpicking and open tuning guitar stylings. Her
distinctive voice is sometimes compared to Joan Baez and Stevie Nicks. Formerly, Larysa was the Artistic Director for Winnipeg Poetry Slam, performed spoken word poetry across Canada.
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Artiste, Interprète, Chanteuse
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