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Pearly Pouponneau

Pearly Pouponneau
De base Member
Pearly Pouponneau
Pearly is a beloved community builder and creative based in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. As the founder of PEARLY, she creates one of a kind experiences through multiple artistic mediums to bring community, art and visions to life. From creative directing, producing, to curating events, she is able to bring forth a unique design experience.
Pearly captures a diverse range of art forms from commercial, industrial and editorial clients with a raw and provocative perspective.
Directrice artistique, Responsable en A&R, Agente de spectacle, Commercialisation, Curatrice de musique, Relations publiques, Radio
Creative Director
Mise en scène de spectacles, Directrice de production
Co-Autrice/Compositrice, Autrice/Compositrice
Réalisatrice de vidéoclips, Photographe, Créatrice de contenu
Assistante de production
Rock Alternatif, Blues, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rap, Reggae, Reggaetón, Soul, Trap
Membre d'un conseil d'administration, Consultante
Anglais, Autre