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Rebecca Szymkow

Rebecca Szymkow
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Rebecca Szymkow
Rebecca Szymkow is an artist manager and talent buyer for Birthday Cake Media, a management company and record label based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rebecca represents management clients Mariel Buckley and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, programs lineups for festivals and events, and manages the Branding and Synchronization Division for the record label. Rebecca studied Arts and Cultural Management and spent her time travelling all in the name of live music, so decided to marry the two as her career choice. Rebecca spent 6 years at Paquin Artists Agency, progressing to an agent representing some of the best developing talent coming out of Western Canada, prior to transitioning further into a career focusing on artist development. She is an innovator for the 2020-2021 Keychange EU Initiative and is passionate about making strides in equality for gender minorities within the music industry.