Sandy Pandya - ArtHaus Community
Sandy Pandya - ArtHaus Community
Toronto Ontario

As an artist manager and label executive, Sandy Pandya forged her own path through the unique landscape of the Canadian music industry. A leader beloved by her colleagues, she mastered the art of turning “no” into “yes” while advancing the careers of the artists she represents. A short list of her notable clients includes Doc McKinney, Serena Ryder, Jully Black, Tegan and Sara, Adria Kain and TALK.

Today, Sandy leads ArtHaus Media Inc. a company she launched in 2018 with Serena Ryder, and the not-for-profit ArtHaus Community. Building on pillars of community, collaboration, and culture, ArtHaus endeavours to provide emerging artists and creatives with accessibility and pay-it-forward opportunities, and accommodation with affordable housing initiatives, and more.

ArtHaus remains accessible to emerging and seasoned artists and professionals. As one of the few Canadian music companies led by a woman of colour, ArtHaus is committed to empowering artists from traditionally underrepresented groups. Raising a generation of people who create holistic, sustainable businesses that in turn lift the next generation.

Pandya currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Music Industry Association and Unison Benevolent Fund, as well as the JUNO’s Music Advisory Committee. Affirming her contributions and achievements to date, Pandya was awarded by the Music Managers Forum with the 2019 Honour Roll Award, and by CIMA, with the 2018 Brian Chater Industry Award.

L'expérience professionnelle

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Domaine Directeur Artistique, Gérant d'artiste, • Artist Relations, Agent de Spectacle, Diffusion numérique, Licensing, Commercialisation, Curateur de musique, Professionnel(le)de l’industrie, Chef de projet, Promoteur, Relations publiques, Édition, Radio
Live Directeur de Production, Directeur de Tournée